Welcome to Daisuki Gaming!

On this site I’ll post several reviews and previews of dating sims focused on the female audience. First off I’ll explain what types of games you can expect on this site. Then I’ll explain some more detailed stuff concerning the games.

What games?
As said before I’ll post reviews and previews of dating sims on this site. Before I go on I’d like to make things simple:
On this site there are 2 types of dating sims.

  • Visual Novels
    Visual novels are romantic games where there is non or barely any choices. You follow the romantic story through the main character’s eyes. Not much choices to make but still fun to read. It’s pretty much a book you’re reading but with the visual aspects. The characters and their enviroment are visualized, their expressions show on their faces and change as the game progresses. At the end of the game you get one ending.
  • Dating Sim
    Dating sims where there is a female heroine and there are one or several guys who she can fall for. Usually there are different endings, you get the endings based on the choices you make throughout the game. These type of games are more interactive. They are like visual novels but you can make your own choices based on how you feel you would respond in that situation. It usually can take a while before you get the best ending.

Note that these are my descriptions of what I put on my site. Different sites may use different terms or more terms for the same games. I’d like to keep it simple because I know there are a lot of girls and guys who don’t know these games exist.

Minor details
Last but not least I’d like to mention some small details. Most of these games will be in English and for free to make this as audience friendly as possible. If you do have games you’d like for me to do a review on you can always message me. Note that what I post on here is just my opinion and your opinion may differ. Please leave each other in their values  and don’t start arguing in comments etc. Last I’d like to say criticism is always welcome as long as it’s being said in a normal and respectful way. English isn’t my first language so I try my best to make these reviews as clear as I can. If you do notice misspells tell me please.



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